The old adage «less is more» is true in many situations in everything from the length of speeches to use of natural resources, and golf strokes. It’s also true when it comes to the use of paper in board meetings. To become a paperless group is a meticulous process and the commitment of everyone. The results will be worth it. The following article, from our friends at BoardEffect offers a few key factors to be aware of when making the switch to a paperless board.

One of the biggest challenges that boards confront is the time it takes to review materials for board meetings and prepare for each meeting. With the help of a board portal directors have access to the documents they require prior their meetings and be able to view them on any device. Directors can even sign an electronic board book, that allows for a unanimous written consent prior to the meeting. This will eliminate printing cost, distribution, and shipping.

Another obstacle which can be tackled with the help of a board-management software is making sure that all meeting documents are up to date. A board management software allows updates to be immediately reflected for all users. This allows for a more efficient process and will save you countless hours of resource time.

As with any new program it is important to provide adequate training and support for board members. This will allow them to get familiar with the software’s capabilities and improve their efficiency.